Opening of account in the bank-RBI to simplify the procedure

OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNT –RBI-to simplify the procedure

Now Reserve Bank of India, vide their letter No DBOD.AML.No 11490/14.02.002/2012-13 dated 13th February, 2013 have sent a detailed response outlining steps taken by them to simplify the procedure of opening of bank account. Some of the steps, mentioned by them are given below:

Only one document is now required to be submitted for both identity and address, if the address in the document is same as that mentioned for opening of bank account.

Rent Agreement, duly registered with the State Govt, indicating the address of the customer, will be accepted.

Persons who do not have utility bills in their name and are living with a relative, can submit identity proof and utility bills of their relative along with a declaration from the relative.

For poor and illiterate people who migrate, the option of opening ‘small account’ is available. Small account can be opened on production of a self-attested photograph and affixation of signature or thumb print on the form for opening of account.

RBI has also taken steps to sensitise bank staff with training and education with a view to change their unsympathetic and indifferent attitude.


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