Read this carefully

Just read what INDIAwas as per LORD MACAULAY on his statement on 2nd February 1835, in the last snap with a historic statement made in British Parliament. That shows the ‘colonial mindset’ and our ‘inferiority complex’. Is it not the time to redeem knowing the historical blunder? Please Read the last Article Carefully so as to ‘redeem whatever was lost; we still can do that.’


The daughter of an Indian maharajah seated on a panther she shot, sometime during 1920s.




A British man gets a pedicure from an Indian servant. 

The Grand Trunk Road , built by Sher Shah Suri, was the main trade route from Calcutta to Kabul .



A group of Dancing or notch girls began performing with their elaborate costumes and jewelry. 



A rare view of the President’s palace and the Parliament building in New Delhi. 



Women gather at a party in Mumbai ( Bombay) in 1910. 



A group from Vaishnava, a sect founded by a Hindu mystic. His followers are called Gosvami-maharajahs 



An aerial view of Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi, built between 1650 and 1658.



The Imperial Airways ‘Hanno’ Hadley Page passenger airplane carries the Englandto Indiaair mail, stopping in Sharjah to refuel. 


See what the India was at 1835……. 

Read this carefully



Now an Indian owns Britain’s East India Company – Another circle got completed.

The East India Company which ruled India for more than 200 years is now ruled by an Indian Sanjiv Mehta who took over the company for $150 lac.
He said” at an emotional level as an Indian, when you think with your heart as I do, I had this huge feeling of redemption – this indescribable feeling of owning a company that once owned us”

But media ignores such ‘great development’ news. They are busy in useless news like Sania and Shoaib marriage. Let us Fwd this mail to all concerned Indians of our great Hindustan… 


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